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Reports states that as much as 50% of the food never reaches the human stomach. Partly because of moisture damages. But moisture damage can be prevented! Absortech offers effective moisture protection for your industry. A small cost that will save money, save the environment and protect your brand.

Typical damages

Mould and mildew
Bad or changed taste
Bad or changed smell


For many agricultural products, farming, production and container loading takes place in high temperature and high relative humidity climate zones. In addition, the products themselves could have a high degree of moisture. Bringing this type of goods into a container means a very high risk for moisture damages. Today, costly reactive actions are made to recondition goods upon arrival.


An easier and much more cost-efficient solution is to use desiccants to absorb the excess moisture during shipping. Meaning goods arriving in the same condition as loaded. Desiccants are not designed to dry already wet goods but to reduce and keep the relative humidity in a container on a harmless level by absorbing excess water during shipping.

We recommend

AbsorSave™ to study the actual costs for moisture damage (direct and indirect) and to calculate your savings by using Absortech’s desiccants.

AbsorSave™ is a part of our offering Peace of Moisture Mind®

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