Container desiccants are used to protect goods from moisture inside a container. We use two different kinds of container desiccants; gel and liquid water. The active ingredient for both categories is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is friendly on the environment and on those who use the products. It has an outstanding capacity to absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

Absortech® Top

Absortech® Top is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air. Installed on the container lashing ring by hanging it with the provided hook.

Absortech Top starts working when removed from its sealed packaging. Then the desiccant material gradually dissolves into brine. The absorbed moisture is trapped and will not re-evaporate back into the air.

Suitable for:

  • Long shipments
  • Bulk loaded and tightly packed containers
  • Only a few cm minimum space to container ceiling
  • All kinds of cargo
Absortech AbsorRange Absortech AbsorRange


  • High capacity, fewer units needed
  • Cost-effective
  • No re-evaporation of absorbed moisture
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Environmental friendly, no toxic materials

Main specifications

Can be used for any type of cargo. The collector is impact resistant for added protection in the event of shifting cargo. Absorbing agent is calcium chloride (CaCl2).

Absortech Top is a single-use product and can be disposed as regular waste. The calcium is non-toxic and the polypropylene (PP) plastics are recyclable.

Suitable cargo guidelines

Container size
Dry goods
Moist goods
20 ft.
40 ft.

This is only a general dimensioning recommendation. The quantity needed is depending on shipment time, climatic conditions, cargo type etc. Get a precise recommendation through our dimensioning service, AbsorDim™. Contact us for consultation!

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