Absorpole is the first carbon neutral desiccant in the market. Absorpole is made from sustainable materials like recycled plastics and low CO2 footprint calcium chloride.

Based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to absorb moisture from the air, its design is patented and is designed to occupy minimal space with full functionality.

Offers efficient protection for long shipments. The absorbed moisture is trapped in the off-white collector and will not re-evaporate back into the air. Absorpole has a robust structure and is designed to occupy minimal space with full functionality.

Absorpole is a container desiccant with a low CO2 footprint related to sourcing and production before offsetting via Gold Standard projects to reach carbon neutrality.

Suitable for:

  • Long shipments
  • Tightly packed containers
  • Companies with high sustainability requirements
  • Journeys with colder temperatures
Absortech AbsorRange Absortech AbsorRange


  • Carbon neutral desiccant
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Made with recycled plastics
  • No loss of cargo space
  • High absorption capacity
  • No re-evaporation of the absorbed moisture
  • Easy to recycle and/or to reuse with R-to-R

Main specifications

Can be used for any type of cargo. Absorpole® container desiccant is placed hanging in the corrugated recesses of the container wall, which minimizes the risk of damage from forklifts during loading.  Install Absorpole on the lashing ring by using the provided hook. Absorbing agent is calcium chloride 77% purity.

Absorpole is made with low CO2 footprint calcium chloride, non-woven and recycled plastic. Extremely easy to recycle and/or reuse. Well emptied the grey part can be recycled as plastic, while the off-white collector can be recycled or return to Absortech by joining the program R-to-R project to be reused in new desiccants.

The calcium chloride brine can be disposed of on the approved waste disposal facility in accordance with local regulations or return to Absortech to be reused by specialized companies

Suitable cargo guidelines

Container size
Dry goods
Moist goods
20 ft.
40 ft.

This is only a general dimensioning recommendation. The quantity needed is depending on shipment time, climatic conditions, cargo type etc. To get a precise recommendation contact us.

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