AbsorHook™ Short

Suitable for: desiccants of lower weight. User-friendly design that fits into the lashing ring.

AbsorHook™ Long

Suitable for: AbsorGel® Hanging 0,5 kg and 1 kg, AbsorGel® Max, AbsorGel® Compact. User-friendly design to make loading and unloading safer and faster. No ladder is needed when installing Absortech's products. Saving you time and costs.

AbsorHook™ Wide

Suitable for: AbsorGel® Hanging and customized products. Unique design that make desiccant customization possible. Suitable for desiccants of heavier weights.


Suitable for: AbsorGel® Hanging and customized products. Gives the desiccant flexible functionalities and installation possibilities.

Adhesive pads

Suitable for: all products. Makes sure the desiccant stays in the installed position.

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