AbsorGel® Horizontal

AbsorGel® Horizontal is a desiccant especially designed to be hung between two lashing rings inside the containerThe correct position of the desiccant is horizontal. Its principal component is calcium chloride, ainorganic and non-toxic compound that removes moisture from the air. AbsorGel Horizontal also contains starch, which binds the absorbed water into a gelpreventing re-evaporation.  

This moisture absorber is easy to install and uninstall. AbsorGel Horizontal comes with two AbsorHook Long, a special accessory to ease placing. The distance between lashing rings is usually standard, but the desiccant can be adapted to all kind of containers. 

To activate AbsorGel Horizontal you need to remove it from its transparent packaging.   

Suitable for:

  • tightly packed cargo close to container ceilings and walls
  • works for all kind of industries
Absortech AbsorRange Absortech AbsorRange


  • High absorption capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects loads throughout their journey
  • No loss of cargo space
  • Environmentally friendly. No toxic materials

Main specifications

Can be used for any type of cargo. Only needs a 25 mm space to the cargo. Absorbing agent is calcium chloride (CaCl2). The calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the surrounding air by passing it through a breathable membrane. The viscous gel ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

AbsorGel Horizontal is a single-use product and can be disposed as regular waste. The calcium chloride and gelling agents are non-toxic and the polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics are recyclable.

Suitable cargo guidelines

Container size
Dry goods
Moist goods
20 ft.
40 ft.

This is only a general dimensioning recommendation. The quantity needed is depending on shipment time, climatic conditions, cargo type etc. Get a precise recommendation through our dimensioning service, AbsorDim™. Contact us for a consultation!

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